Meet Support


Meet support is helping during a swim meet.  Our team hosts meets to give our swimmers the opportunity to swim close to home.  They are also a major source of revenue for swim teams, providing additional income needed for general operating expenses that provides our swimmers with a high level of professional coaching and keeps monthly dues as affordable as possible. It takes the participation of every team family to run a successful meet so families will be asked to sign up for meet support positions before each home meet.  There are many positions to choose from, both on deck and behind the scenes. 


Announces opening of warm ups, start of meet, first call/last call and any general information to the public during the meet. Must arrive 15 minutes prior to warm ups.
Places results stickers on awards and either distributes ribbons to the swimmers during the meet or deposits ribbons in designated team bags for distribution to team coaches following the meet. Writes certificates for new pool or meet records.
Clerk of Course
Receives, cuts and organizes lane timer sheets, processes add/scratch sheets for swimmers,  accepts money owed for meet entry fees, and lines up young swimmers into their correct heats. Must arrive 1∕2 hour prior to warm ups.
Computer – Requires Training
Enters relay teams and deck seeded swimmers into meet computer, compares timer sheets to console printouts to verify swimmer times and makes adjustments as necessary on meet computer, posts results at meet, prints award labels for awards, provides meet results to coaches on disk or flash drive (provided by coaches). May be asked to help set up or take down computer area if working first or last session of meet.
First/Last Call Board
Writes first and last call events on white boards in pool area and gym during meet. 
Head Timer
Organizes clipboards and lane timer sheets. Distributes stop watches and lane timer sign up sheets. Gives instructions to timers before the start of the meet and provides back up times during the meet.
Hospitality Chairperson
Responsible for overseeing hospitality during the meet, which includes directing volunteers, making sure coaches and officials get lunches and snacks throughout the meet and working with concessions as needed.   
Responsible for running hospitality during the meet, which includes delivering snacks and lunches to coaches and officials, working with concessions on preping food, setting up the hospitality room, cleaning up the kitchen after the meet and returning all unused items to the SBST storage room on deck. 
Concessions Chairperson
Responsible for overseeing concessions during the meet, which includes planning lunch menu items, setting up hospitality/concession sign-up sheet and directing volunteers.


Responsible for running concessions during the meet which includes setting up concession table, selling food and cleaning up at the end of the day.
Lane Timer
Times each heat with a stop watch and pickle. Writes down times on lane timer sheets. Hands out heat winner coupons or ribbons when applicable. Lane timers must be 12 or older.
Meet Director
Coordinates all aspects of SBST sponsored swim meets prior to, during and after the meet. Requires attendance at all sessions of the meet. Can be a shared position.
Collects lane timer sheets after each event and delivers to the computer table. Must be 10 years or older.
Safety Director
Monitors swim meet for accidents and misconduct of swimmers, coaches or general public.
Timing Console – Requires training
Sets up, ensures proper function and dismantles Colorado Timing Systems touch pad system and touch pads for meet. Trainee position available at all meets.
Age Group Manager
Assists 8 & Under age group swimmers with proper lane assignments and getting to the blocks on time.  This is a fun position and is essential to help younger swimmers get to the start on time and in the right lane.  Also known as “heat seating”.
Last Updated: August 14, 2018